“Having worked with Nancy Dixon at NASA and as part of Babson College's Working Knowledge program, I know that she understands as well as anyone the difference between mere talking and real communication. She is expert at helping groups of people speak and listen authentically and intelligently as an important step toward shared understanding, effective problem solving, and innovative thinking.”

- Don Cohen, Managing Editor, NASA ASK Magazine

Teams are where work gets done!

The number one issue virtual teams face is trust. Common Knowledge Associates are experts in helping teams develop trust. Our process is based on the work of leading researchers, including Richard Hackman’s work with intelligence agencies, Amy Edmondson’s work on psychological safety in healthcare and across large complex projects. 

How we Assist Virtual Teams

  • Introduce processes a team can put into place that increase their effectiveness even when members rarely see each other 

  • Work with team leaders on the skills of managing  performance from a distance. 

  • Provide an interactive training and coaching program that builds team trust, relationships, and focuses on reflection on action. 

  • Conduct research on virtual team learning  

  • I am both a consultant to and a researcher of virtual teams.  Fortunately, each role benefits the other.  What I learn through my research I bring to my consulting assignments and often my consulting assignments lead to new topics for research.  Click here to view a description of how I conduct studies and how participating in an independent study of virtual teams can benefit your organization. 

Coaching and Researching Virtual Teams

Tips and Guidelines 

If you are interested in participating in research on virtual teams I encourage you to contact me at nancydixon@commonknowledge.org so we can discuss the virtual team issues your organization is facing and see how a study might provide new insight on the issue.